So the YouTube community is falling apart even more. Jason (VeeOneEye) has admitted to getting a 15 year old girl drunk and sleeping with her, this is statutory rape and it isn’t okay.

Jason admitting this is a total shock to the community and will not be accepted. To those that think these…

 I am not a member of the ‘YouTube Community’, moreover, I only hear about such events that happen in the community via social media, and mostly from the author of the above post. I do share the same moral opinion as the author that the actions taken by the YouTubers named in his post acted in a completely disrespectful and unacceptable manner; however, I feel that his producing of this post and his opinions presented in it are highly hypocritical. 

I don’t have the intention of causing conflict. However, I do feel that it is not acceptable of the author to critique others for their behaviour towards women when their own behaviour hasn’t been particularly admirable. Speaking from my own experiences with the author, I can safely say that the author has not always acted in a respectful or moral way to women. In the past, the author actually took advantage of me when I was very emotionally unstable due to a broken heart. He was my friend, and told me that I was like a sister. He then invited me round to his house and gave me alcohol to “cheer me up”, and I misconstrued his friendly, brotherly hugs for an attempt to make me feel better, and hugged him back, as I just needed someone to hold onto when my world felt like it was falling apart. This consequently leading to the author climbing on top of me and attempting to force me to kiss him- whilst he had a girlfriend, which I do not feel is exemplary behaviour towards females, especially those who are emotionally vulnerable.

I do agree, however, in people having the opportunity to change. My argument then turns to events that happened on Saturday evening, in which the author decided to get off with an extremely drunk friend of mine whilst being fully aware of her being intoxicated; an event which I do not believe would have occurred if the girl was sober. This leads me to believe that the author did indeed take advantage of the girl whilst she was under the influence of alcohol, proving him to have not changed at all, despite the negative reception he received after his previous actions. In his defence, however, he was not the only boy to take advantage of this girl, therefore he was not the only person at fault at the time. However, I do think that just because more than one person partakes in this kind of behaviour, it does not make it acceptable. Just because someone else makes the same kind of immoral judgement as you,  it does not make it morally right. To use a similar kind of extreme example as the author, just because hundreds of Nazis killed millions of jews, it does not mean that was the morally correct action to have taken.

These events can be viewed as mistakes, or blips in judgement on behalf of the author of the above post; however, the reason I am commenting on this is that I do not believe that it is in anyway justified, in my opinion, for him to criticise another person’s behaviour when it is not that dissimilar to his own.

As I said before this is not a post intended to start a fight, and I don’t mean to be hostile: I am merely stating the facts and my own opinion here. I am, however, pretty pissed off that the author feels the need to act pretentious and morally superior when, in fact, he is not too different from the men he names in his post.




Eddie Colla, Caratoes, 2wenty and Nite Owl x Salton Sea.

Artists Eddie Colla. Caratoes, 2wenty and Nite Owl recently made a visit to California’s Salton Sea - a famous abandoned, dried up lake that sits in between the Imperial and Coachella valleys.  Eddie Colla did his signature wheat pastes, Caratoes and Nite Owl painted and 2wenty created some light paintings.  See a ton more photographs of the adventure below!

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